I remember several months ago following the whole Laci Peterson thing on CNN. Everyday it was Scott and Laci this, Scott and Laci that. It was a very sad story. Of course, I didn’t know them in the least. But I did feel that Scott was guilty (from the things I read on CNN anyway, which could well be biased).
And today they announced he would be put to death. Lethal injection. I don’t know how I feel about the death penelty. I think there are some cases where yes, absolutely, the person is a threat to society, complacent about his actions, and sense of illness in our community. Scott Peterson, I think, falls in that category. He is completely unmoved by his actions. He killed this woman who loved and trusted him. And as if that is not enough, he is lying about it, saying he never did it. Take responsibility for your actions, you piece of shit.
I feel very sorry for Laci’s family. Not only because of their loss, but the added salt of the media circus, misplaced trust in their son-in-law, and complete lack of emotion that Scott has. What an unfortunate circumstance to put in someone’s life. To lose your daughter or sister — and grandchild at the same time — must be unimaginably tough. My heart goes out to her family.