I woke up this morning a little before 6. It was raining outside and my cat was curled up next to me with her head laying on my stomach. A little bit of thunder, a little bit of lightning.
A little bit of pain.
Then a sharp stabbing jolt of pain which on a continued on a 10-15 second cycle for the next two hours. No idea where the stone is. I’m 95% sure that it’s now in my wee. Or at least the connectionary point from my bladder to my wee. I can’t actually feel it if I squeeze, so it’s not quite that far out.
But I am flooding my body with fluids to get this fucker out. He has more than worn out his welcome and it time for him to leave.
But regardless — I’m very tired. I’m surprised how much those 2 hours of writhing wore me out. I mean, my body is literally exhausted from it. I must have had my muscled clenched pretty damn tight. I figure that’s probably a good 200 calories I burned.
Shame I went to McDonald’s to compensate for that (and then some). (And stupid bitch with an attitude at McD’s — i ordered a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit — and she gives me a bacone, egg, and cheese McGriddle thing. And while they’re good and all – I was wanting a buttery fat-ass buscuit. Not a sweet and syrupy pancake. Thank god she doesn’t work in a hospital. Although, now that I think about it, she may well have been one of the nursings trying to put an IV in me this last time …)