I just went to pee today. After my exciting pot o’ blood that i peed in the urinal yesterday, I have resorted to make sure I use the stalls, lest the urinal not flush, and I’m stuck with the dilemma of what to do with the bloody tinkle.

So I walk into the stall — the last one, the handicap one, because the other two doors were closed. (And judging by the amount of newspaper on the floor, someone brought their dog to work today.)

I walk into the stall and see this…

Now WTF is this? Did the person who preceded me think he would do me a favor by creating a seat tissue-cushion for me? How thoughtful. Or was he just too lazy to slip the paper into the potty when he stood up? WTF!? I was seriously grossed out by the thought of someone’s ass-sweat-soaked tissue toilet cover waiting for disposal. I knocked that shit in the toilet with my foot and pissed all over it (and it hurt 🙁 /cry).

And I read this today (which is ultimately disgusting and amazing at the same time). Do not look at this if you are about to eat, are eating, or have issues with yukky-natured things.