All i want is a room somewhere
Far away from my office chair
With one enormous bed, blanket, and glass of water
Oh wouldn’t it be loverly …
So I had a great time last nite. WAY too much to drink. WAY WAY WAY too much. In fact, i puked all over my stairs at my complex.
However, my car got towed. 🙁 So Patrick and Michael took me home and now David is going to pick me up from work (Alex took me to work this morning) so I can pay the $162 and get my car.
But the Continental Queens are awesome — so much fun. Totally took care of me — kept me on my feet and from puking all over the cute (I think) guys at JRs. There were a couple of cute guys, yes. And at the Mining Company there was this guy dancing in a hand towel that kept “slipping” — so we saw a lot of ass, and some dangly bits from behind. But he was kind’a yuk. Not my flavor at all.
But I’m lucky to have friends who will take care of me. And many thanks to David, Alex, Michael, and Patrick and who helped my drunk ass with my car situation. Oh, and thanks to Zena (my boss) who has been more than sympathetic to my situation and my state of yuk.
I think I need to throw up again. Tho, I’m not completely sure. So I’m just sitting here, drinking water, about to drink some tea, and wondering why the clock is moving so damn slow.