I found out today that University of Phoenix is increasing their tuition rate AGAIN. For me, being an online student, it’s only going up 4.5% — otherwise it’s 11% for the rest of the country. So my tuition rate is going up like $50 a class or something. Assholes. So that’s like $1380 a class. So I called my financial advisor and he says that for my February class, I will owe $533 out of pocket. Nice.
So I’m talking to Davy about my delimna and he suggested I donate sperm for money. LOL — I’ve never considered doing this. I would have this constant future fear that everytime I see a red headed child, I’d fear he was mine. Yikes. Anyway — so he sends me this link to an FAQ about donating sperm. What caught me off guard was this:

Make sure the sperm bank is licensed by the state it is in! If it is, you know the state is keeping really close tabs on what the bank is doing with all its sperm. If the bank if not licensed by the state, they could be doing very unpleasant (and possibly illegal) things with the sperm deposits.

So what sort of “unpleasant things” would they do with the sperm? Use it as a food additive? Shampoo? Save it up for a bukkake video? (Ok, I’m starting to gross myself out.)