So I’m a big Houston boy now. I’ve never worked downtown Downtown before– and now I’m on the 17th floor of a 50-something floor building. I’m not use to this at all. I’ve always been off to the side in some small place — except when I worked off Westheimer, but that wasn’t Downtown.
And now, I go to lunch every day with David to some new place. We walked to the other side of Downtown today and had lunch at this lovely little Italian place called Mia Bella. I had the lunch Pasta special which was a sorta build-your-own pasta thing. I had chicken-prociutto fettucini alfredo. Was good … but I’m stuffed and want to take a nap. We probably walked two miles round trip – which I probably need greatly. However, it’s kind’a hot out now. So I’m sweaty now and smell like outside.
But how nice is it to have the city of Houston as my backdrop for lunch? What a selection to choose from. And I’m not far at all from the Angelika Theatre — so I can stop off on my way to work and catch a flick.
Working here is great so far. It’s all project-based and I love it. Its so much more enthralling and progressive than other jobs I’ve been involved with. Everyone is so nice — and my team is awesome. And how cool is it that I’m working with David again. Lunch partner, gossip partner, work partner, business partner … you’d think we’d get tired of each other. Thankfully, we don’t. (Speaking of which — Rachel, David brought me some Windex to help me clean my cube. Look what kind it is! — It’s not purple … it’s LAVANDA!)

I drove up to Beaumont on Friday nite to see Matt. Always good to see him … He just smiles so big and I love just being with him. Alex rode with me and we (Matt, me, Alex, and Matt’s roommate Lionel) met Matt’s friends Brad and David out at Jonny Carino’s. The food’s not all that — but the company was fantastic, very enjoyable. And we laughed and laughed. Alex did her teeth trick for us again (just to refresh you minds … )

And, of course, as most conversation end, we talked about cat shit and how it’s sticky and very difficult to get off – then about shalacking (how the hell do you spell that?) it and using it as jewelry. Lovely dinner conversation. Matt had to work the next day, so we went on our way. I had a migraine (that’s the 2nd one in as many months … not sure what’s going on.) and driving was a bit of a bitch for the first part. But the Aleve kicked in and I was ok.
Speaking of migraines … I’ve decided to go back on my Lamictal (have to get my refill today). Being that they are caused by mild epilepsy, the Lamictal seems to keep me from having them — and since I’m having an increase as of late, I think it best I start again. I’ve been off for 6 months, but I obviously need it. So — here’s to being dependent …
I finished my class at UoP … it sucked so hard. I had no interest in the topic what so ever and really did the absolute minimum (and maybe even a little less) than was required. I also got the lowest grade I’ve received thus far. LOL. BUT. The good news is — it’s over and the rest of my classes are cool. I had been dreading stupid networking and telecommunications courses. I have no interest in it whatsoever. If I need help with that stuff, I’ll call Kevin or figure it out on my own. I’m not going to be designing networks with my job, so I don’t really care about that stuff. So as lazy as my team/teacher probably think i was — that wasn’t it — I was just bored with the subject and wanted it over with as quickly as possible.
My next class is Intro to Unix — so I’m happy for that. Should be much better. So if any of my classmates read this — don’t think i’m shitty. It was UoP’s fault for making me take a retarded class.