So I’m watching the presidential debate — and I’m really not that politically involved or politically motivated. I really rely on a lot of gut feeling and just … the general feel … of a person to know whether they are are trustworthy.
I look at Kerry. There are some things he says where I question the validity of the points he makes — but as a whole, I feel that he is a good man. Human, capable of mistakes, but good.
I look at Bush. I have yet to have a good feeling about the man. His justifications for the war and his spending are flimsy and lame. Planning and stronger alliances would have made a huge difference in the war. Suddam Hussein may have, indeed, been a threat — and how great that we pulled him down. But now we have a stronger threat in the tension that Bush’s actions have caused with the Muslim extremists. Bush has done nothing to move the war foward. Our troops die on a daily basis. Innocent Iraqi people die at the hands of extremists because our hostility over there. And what does Bush do? Tries to pull the emotional, honorable death crap. Yes, people’s lives are precious and irreplacable. But do not cheapen the value of their sacrifice by using them to justify your mistakes.
Makes my heart hurt. Seriously. Kerry needs to win. If anything to give the war in Iraq and the war on terror (two very distinct things) a breath of fresh air.