A group of friends/coworkers and I attended a very fancy shmancy gala on Saturday benefitting the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Continental is a sponser, so we got free tickets. It was open bar, live music, fully catered dinner, silent and live auctions, beachwear fashion show, and dancing. The dress was “tropical black tie” — and there was no explanation as to what that meant, so we just winged it and went dressed nicely, but kind’a tropical-esque-ish-sorta-thing.
Rachel went with me, adorned in purple satin, and I was wearing this white linen sorta open-necked shirt. David, Matthew, and Laura also accompanied us, and we met Steve, and some other people I don’t know up there. We were all there at the same table. I donated $100 (since our $100 tickets were free to us since Continental is a sponsor).
The night was a blast — and it’s always great to spend time with David and Matthew. Here’s a few pics from the evening. (I’m thinking of starting a gallery of pics, tho I’ve been rather anti-gallery for a while. We’ll see what happens.)

The group of us (from left) me, Rachel, Laura, David.

The boys. I think this is the first picture of me and David evah.

The lovely Rachel and me.

David’s Matthew and I in a rare photo moment.