I left my apartment this morning, running late (as usual) only to find a note on my doorknob. That means it was placed on there sometime between 9:30 last nite (when I got home) and 8:30 this morning when I left. Interesting in and of itself.

It was a notice from the City of Seabrook. It goes like this:

Your apartment’s management company has repeatedly failed to keep its utility account with the City of Seabrook current. Unfortunately we must change the service delivery to one 3/4″ common water hydrant located at the northwest corner of Building 3. This will be in effect at 10:00 AM on Thursday, September 14. We regret this inconvenience but suggest you contact the apartment management company at [number].

Thank you.

City of Seabrook Utility Billing Department

What a bunch of asshats. It is no secret that I hate my complex. The management company that took over SUCKS ASS. People who may read this — do not lease an apartment from Forest Cove Apartments in Seabrook, TX. They are terrible. One of the buildings burned down about 2 months in a 3-alarm fire — and all they did was put a chain-link fence around it and let it sit. Quite the eyesore. I heard previously that they had not been paying their insurance from someone who worked for the property. Of course, I also sorta question the source.

But it’s apparent that they’re a little short on cash if they can’t pay the damn water bill. And the big question is … if I pay my water bill for the complex … why is the complex not paying the bill.

I just called the utility department to get more information – and it seems that they also have not been paying their phone bill because the line is disconnected and distributing these notices was one of the ways they used to communicate the issue with the property since they are not getting in touch with the utility billing department.

Ridiculous. I called the management company (that was listed on the notice) and they told me they are researching the claim (bullshit, it’s called you either pay the bill or you don’t.) So, I may not have water on Thursday.

(And can i mention that the date on the notice was wrong? Thursday is the 15th, not the 14th. heh).

So I might be moving if they turn off the water. Cuz that should void my lease. I think. We’ll see.