Things didn’t quite turn out as we had planned. I did not go to Oklahomo after all. I’m at my mother’s house in Friendswood, roughly 30 minutes from Galveston. It is one the evacuation zones, and we don’t really know what to expect.

As of now, there is no rain. The wind is beginning to pick up, and we can hear the occasional howl outside. Thank god it’s gown down to a cat 3.

We had left yesterday morning at 4:30 to head to Oklahoma. We made it to about 2 miles before 610 almost immediately with no problems. Then … we sat. And sat. And sat.

We traveled 17.3 miles in 6 hours. We started to worry because of the gas shortage and figured the chances of us getting to Dallas (which the radio said was a 24 hour drive – normally 4.5 hours) were low. So … we turned around and came back to my mother’s house.
It’s been so sad hearing the news. Peoples’ animals have died from the heat in the cars, some died of cabon monoxide poisoning in the back of a truck. People have stopped and let their animals go on the side of the road, thinking it better for them than dying in a car.

The city is like totally empty. I went with my grandmother this morning to her house to pick up some more supplies (food, water, etc) — and it was kind’a freaky. Totally empty roads, boarded up houses. I kept expecting zombies to race out and attack us (go me for watching too many zombie movies).

I’ve spent the past two days chopping up huge tree limbs that were sitting in the drive way. My arms/shoulders/legs are sore from that.

Oh, and that kidney stone that sorta went “innactive” a month ago decided to rear his head again two days ago. I seem to piss blood on and off. Probably all the heavy lifting and muscle work. It sucks — but I’m not hurting. Thank god.

As far as I know, all of my friends have a safe place to be. David, Alex, Patrick, and Rocky made it out of the city (sorta). Michael-gurl is back in Pearland with her family. I hope they make it ok. Her area floods a bit.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know I’m ok and what not. I probably won’t post again until after the storm passes and we have electricity/internet again.

Pray for my friends, peeps. Their saftey worries me, and I wish I had a way to be directly in constant contact with them. We’ve been text-messaging back and forth on cell phones … but still. I wish they were here with me.