I had another dream last nite about a certain someone whom I rather loathe, despise, and come just short of a full-fledged hatred. Yes, L***n appeared again. This time was different tho — sorta.
I was with a friend — Brad, I think. And we were driving around and trying to find a place to eat. The first place we chose was just closing, so we went to this other restaurant that had thick white tableclothes. We were being seated, and as we were walking to the table, it was obvious that we were going to pass a table that had L***n sitting at it. Of course, he saw me. He stands up, and we great each other, a kiss on the cheek, and he began talking. I have no idea what he said now — but we got into an argument. I know it was about how he hurt me, and I became quite adamant about the subject. Finally, I remember standing back and slapping him twice — across each cheek. These were not just little slaps either. These were full-bodied, practically-a-fist smacks. After that, I was like “Asshole.”
I grabbed Brad and we left. I was obviously distraught, so Brad decided to take me shopping. He dropped me at this furniture store and he went away. So I’m walking around in the store and all the furniture is gargantuan. 20 foot tall armoires and cabinets — some glass doors. I finally saw this HUGE king-size bed with 20 foot bannister posts. I had to have a ladder to get on it. It was glorious, but cost $1600 — which I did not have.
I walked around more, and I guess I just started to stew because I eventually got so pissed I started breaking shit. I toppled this huge glass-door cabinet that just shattered … and I ran away.
I was eventually caught by the police and arrested and put in jail. They were understanding of my emotional plea, — but then I woke up.
I wonder why I’m still having dreams about him. And why my dreams turn violent when they involve him. And what did all that big furniture mean? And the white tableclothes?