FIRST — what the hell is wrong with men? Why is that every time I go into a public restroom, there is piss on the floor in front of the urinal. And I don’t meet a dribble drip or two. I mean, the chance that they got any pee in the toilet is slim to none. So what is up with that? Do they stand far away cuz they’re exhibitionists? Are they afraid of getting splash-back from the pee hitting the toilet? I mean, I could understand if they have a bladder problem and just didn’t make it in time — but still … get some towels! I don’t want to stand in your wee!
I seriously don’t understand public hygiene. People who shit and don’t flush … people who piss on the floor and toilet seat … people who wipe bloody boogers on the wall in front of the urinal (and you know those cleaning bitches don’t clean the wall!) I mean, do these people do this in their own home? I mean, not changing the toilet paper roll is one thing … but wiping your ass on the wall is another.
And what’s more — people will take a shit (nasy one too), and then leave without washing their hands — as I noticed yesterday. Did they not wipe? Did they not touch the public toilet seat? GERMSS!! HELLO!! And on top of that — those bitches can fly! You flush the toilet and they go spraying all over everything. I read this arcticle about how they tested items in a common household bathroom and found traces of e. coli on things like the toothbrush, the toilet paper, the water faucet handles. Because you flush and the water goes *swoosh!* and the germs become airborn. WASH YOUR HANDS. WITH SOAP. and Close the lid at home when you flush. Keeps them at least to a smaller area.
SECOND — HARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! — compliments of Trinity. 🙂 (I laughed for a good hour at this.)