Finally. The day of triumph has arrived. Today is my FIRST day of being an educated fool — my first day of not having to go to school because I have finally finished my fucking bachelor’s degree in IT from the University of Phoenix Online.

There are a number of things I’ve learned while being at UoP. Like, my writing skills are significantly higher than a majority of the people I was in class with (meaning I can actually write complete sentences and don’t include words like “sorta” in important work. — I was seriously amazed at the level of writing skills that some of these people had.) I’ve learned that I have absolutely no interest in networking, data transfer, and internet protocols. I learned that I can do programming if I have plenty of time to work on it and access to someone who can help me when I get stuck. LOL I reconfirmed that my design skills far exceed those of my classmates. (Although the degree wasn’t graphically oriented, but still. Superior. LOL)

And now that I’m educated, I should have more free time. Time to dedicate to Option9 and work on that stuff. And maybe date someone. …

Anyway, this is a really good way to start off the new year. A definite step in the right direction — just glad it’s OVER.