Well, the inevitable finally happened. My groaning primary hard drive ate it. I’ve known it was coming for a while, and I even bought a replacement drive for when it did — but the chore of installing it, throwing on the OS, getting the updates, installing the drivers for all my external stuff, installing all the apps … it’s something I was dreading. But I started my new class yesterday, and I figured it was better that I do it while things are still new in class than HAVE to do it come week 3 right before a paper is due.
Well. I ripped that baby out of the packaging to install and noticed this freaky deaky blue cable with it. Not an IDE cable, but some borg-like cable sure to connect my brain functions to my spinal cord. I had purchased a Serial ATA hard drive, unaware of what it was. THANKFULLY my motherbord has a SATA controller (two actually).
So I spent the entire evening last nite fuckin’ with that and installing XP.
And then — I noticed my slave drive wasn’t being recognized. It was previously daisy-chained by an IDE cable … but now … it’s all alone with no one to love it. So now I have to figure out how to get it to be recognized with a SATA drive. *sigh* All my backup applications, files, emails are on that drive. It totally sux hobo assholes in a major way.
So … i have the delima now. Do I stick to my PC as my primary computing device … or do I switch to my mac for the geeky/sleeky interface it provides. Decisions, decisions.
Maybe once I get Tiger … I’ll play with my mini tonite and see if it will do my crucial things. If it will, I’m all about it.