You’d think I’d blog more often. I’m such a slacker. Not much has been going on lately that has been worthwhile to blog about, I suppose. I went to TWO graduations this weekend within 24 hours. I now know what Hell is like. Particularly because one of those graduations was at Baylor … We had to get up at 4:30am to get there in time (and as most people know, I’m hardly a morning person). So to go there and be verbally molested by Jesus-talk was not ranking high on my list of enjoyable events. See, I went to a religious college. I know what it’s like to feign a religious aire just to get through school. It sucks.
But this speaker (the president of Baylor) was very preachy about how Christianity is being hushed from public voice. And how everyone needs to voice their freedom of expression and how Jesus-this, Jesus-that. And he finished speaking and everyone in the crowd (who was obviously Baptist) stands up clapping.
I was raised part-Baptist by my very Baptist step-mother. And it was always a very pushy religion. I didn’t agree with a lot of their teachings, much less their ways of doing things. But ya know — that’s why I’m not Baptist. 🙂
So — we’re driving home and my grandmother is in the back sitting next to me and and starts asking me all these questions about the Mormon church (as I was also raised -mostly- Mormon). So I’m starting to explain things, and she starts telling me about how she believes in reincarnation and stuff (which is no problem to me) — but, mixed in with all the Jesus-talk from the graduation, I was sorta irritated.
Religion in general is so overdone to me. It’s people progressing their own agendas in the guise of worship and spiritual direction. And so many people are so trusting … and they just get pulled in without thinking about things for themselves. But it’s “tradition” and whatnot, and just go with the flow. Church is a social matter, not a truly religious endeavor. It’s just a social excuse.
So all this dogmatic philandering is sickening, and I get really tired of having to deal with peoples’ attitudes about religion. People — this country was founded on the notion of God. It’s in the Pledge of Allegiance. It’s in the Consitution, it’s on our fucking money. True, a lot of God has been removed from that notion of America — but so has a lot of dignity and virtue. God is an ideal, an invisible power that keeps things in check, whether you choose to believe it or not. So you people who are anti-god need to shut the hell up. If we have to respect your rights, you should respect the rights of others as well.
And ya know – another thing I really don’t understand? Prayer. What exactly is the point except for personal affirmation. I mean, if God wants you to have something, or for something happen, it’s going to happen, regardless of your asking. I mean — think of all the hundeds of thousands of Catholics who were praying for the health of the Pope when he was dead dying. Did that save him? Nope. And please, people (you Mormons in particular) don’t tell me you “pray for me.” Just because I’m gay does not mean I garner special prayers to overcome my “sinful ways”. If i felt my ways were sinful, don’t you think I’d stop? Hi, thanks for playing. Pray for the poor and destitute, or people who have had to go through natural disaster after natural disaster, or who have lost loved ones to terrorism. Not silly faggots like myself.
So — ranting aside — the world is becoming a dificult place to live due to religious intolerance. So much hatred and ill-will. And it’s starting to piss me the fuck off. So please — get with it, and worship freely without imposing your “belief structure” on me.