I had my visit with the urologist this morning. I think it’s really outrageous that I pay $30 per visit do have him tell me things I know already. The assistant girl was totally flirting with me tho, which was kind’a amusing (cuz I’m lookin’ kinda hot today — I’m always so amazed by how much weight I’ve lost).
So I give him my latest in the set of stones. I already had one analyzed (Corenlius III from Thanksgiving) — so I dunno what they did with these. But the doctor decides i need an x-ray to make sure they’re gone. I’m like “duh. I’ve follwed these fuckers every inch till they escaped — I know they’re gone.” But I did it anyway.
And wow, all I can say is I’m so glad I wore cute underwear today (those cute little boxer-briefs I got from gap that are little mini-briefs — really precious, and make my ass look hot). The guy who did the x-ray was really cute. Something about men in scrubs. They just look so clean — fashion isn’t an issue. I’m sure he was straight, (and married I think). But still. Always nice to be poked and prodded by cute mens.
So, in the end, *surprise*, the stones are gone. And they give me this huge-ass orange bottle to collect piss for 24 hours. I have to keep it in my fridge. And for some reason, the thought of this is revolting to me. Color me crazy. Hopefully this will help them to diagnose why I keep getting these damn stones.