You gotta wonder what Eve’s initial thought was after eating that Forbidden Fruit in the Garden of Eden. The bitch wasn’t stupid. She knew what she did. This whole free agency thing kind’a sucks. It seems like making right decisions these days is sorta like playing Roulette. The more you gamble, the bigger the chance of winning big. Or you can play it safe and choose red/black. 50/50 shot at making the right choice. It seems, as of late, that I’ve been quite indecisive lately, not being able to weigh my choices acurately and fumbling blindly, praying that i make the right choice.
Of course, we never hear about the “right” choices that Eve made. Only the damning fruit incident. I bet she thought “aww shit.” God knows I’ve thought that plenty.
But you know — it’s the moral choices that are so hard. It’s not “should i pay this bill this month” — that’s just ignant. But choosing things that may/may not hurt someone. Choosing things that may/may not have a significant impact on someone. Or even worse — choosing something that may/may not have a significant impact on ME emotionally (and/or physically, I suppose).
Bleh. Choices suck. Unless it’s you picking a new car that someone else is paying for. Those choices are good. Hmm, but that ever-eluding Forbidden Fruit. Good choice or no? Maybe Even knew what she was doing. Maybe she didn’t. Maybe the bitch was just hungry, had become faint from hunger pains, and mistook that Forbidden Fruit for a nice kiwi or something. And look what happen. She had painful babies and cursed mankind with all sorts of shit.
What a mistake, right?