Well today’s the day: my last day at UTMB. I’ve been off work since Wednesday afternoon and had a lovely time off. Intermitent outings with Matt, shopping, cleaning, personal projets, Everquest 2. Basically was time to catch up on stuff. And now I’m back. I arrived today to a going away party for me — omg, so much food!!! SOOO much food.
Matt came with me (which was so sweet of him to do), so everyone got to meet the mysterious Mr. Matthew (or Matt-choo, as some call him). After the feast of breakfast foods, (which left me stuffed), Matt and I took most of my office belongings to my car, and came back up to go to lunch. Yes, lunch. My last lunch — the last supper, if you will. Now, I am so stuffed, I have the hiccups. And I’m miserable. But I did it to myself, so I can’t complain at all, now can I.
I feel kind’a bittersweet about this whole leaving thing. I made some good friends here at UTMB — sad to not see them every day now. But I really couldn’t stand some of the projects I was working on … and I really felt I wasn’g growing in areas I wanted to grow.
And now I’m off to Continental Airlines. But I snapped some pictures today …

While I was at lunch with Alex and Matt, Alex showed us this freaky face she makes. It stunned one of the ladies at the table next to us. I, unfortunately, missed her expression. But Matt fell out laughing. I did, however, capture Alex on my phone. So here is Alex at lunch.