Last nite I picked up the cd for the new musical “Spring Awakening” — the one that just opened on Broadway to a $2 million advanced sales earning. The music is by Duncan Shiek and is very poppy. I know that some people will shit bricks over me saying this — but some of the music reminds me a bit of …. …. ….. Footloose The Musical. I’m thinking it’s more the singing than the actual music tho.

After a while, the songs all start to sound the same — and some of the songs (“Totally Fucked” in particular) seem to drop cuss words as a gimmick rather than really enhancing the song.

Then again, I’ve only listened to the whole cd once. It’s not bad tho. Could be a lot worse. Of course, if you’re looking for a typical musical theatre cast recording, this is not what you’re looking for. Unless you loved Rent. Then you’ll prolly love this.