So I’ve lived in my new apartment for like 11 days. Kitty has made it somewhat interesting. She still squats (but only in her litter box) a lot in the mornings, but seems to calm down in the afternoon/evening. That’s good.

But this morning, I was getting out of the shower and I could hear the usual, and oh-so familiar digestive thumping that cats make when they’re about to barf. I was like “this had better not be in my bedroom, much less on my bed.”

See — I picked my new place specifically because it had hardwood or tile floors. Only my bedroom is carpeted.

Thankfully, she didn’t barf in my room. She barfed in my office right outside my room.
On a rug.

And it was just normal vomit. It was projectile spray that somehow managed to cover like a foot of ground. And it was WET. Real wet.

So I was like “ugh, kitty!!” and she ran under the bed (as usual now.) I snatched up the rug (lol, i’m a rug snatcher) and took it into the bathroom to wash off the remains of the day.

So. In the 11 days in the new place, she’s barfed on my rug, pissed on a towl, two pillows, some socks and underwear, and a shirt.

Can we say high-maintenance?