This is my first post from my mac using Ecto. How fun is that? I guess we’ll see how it turns out.

Today was an eventful day! Around 1:30, the entire School of Nursing at UTMB shook. It was the weirdest feeling! Everyone freaks out when things like that happen. The last time something like that happened, one of the huge cranes working on the building outside our window had crushed a water main when the street collapsed under its weight. The crane then literally BENT over the building. That was a mess, let me tell you.

But today, the BP Amoco plant in Texas City blew up! That’s a good 15 miles away and it shook us. Then there was smoke. I snapped this picture from my window (on the 4th floor) about 5 minutes after it happened. Then the floor was a buzz with gossip. The last report I heard tonite was 14 fatalities with 60 injured. It’s very unfortunate. This particular plant also supplies about 3% of the US oil. That sucks. Oil prices have already shot up since it happened.

But most of all — it made me think about those people who were involved in the explosion — they went to work this morning with no thought that something like this would happen. And it just makes me think about how unsuspecting life can be. Things are going great — and then something turrible happens. It’s very sad. And I know it’s a part of life … but it’s still unfortunate. Makes my heart hurt.

And it makes me realize how blessed I am to be where I am, who I am, with the luxuries that life has given me. I have a good family, amazingly wonderful friends, a new exciting job, an education, and a sense of well-being and happiness — and to top all that off, I have a Matt who is just … beyond words. And how can I not stop and say thank you for what I have? So to my friends who read this — thank you for everything … for taking me out to lunch and listening to me either bitch or gush … for going shopping with me to pick out clothes for a date … for taking me to the ER when I’m pissing blood and doubled over in pain … for staying with me after surgery … for getting me a new job … taking me to vegas to celebrate my birthday. … loving me for who I am and stupid quirks I have … helping me pay for school so I can get an edumacation … for hugging me … kissing me … making me feel like someone who’s worth a gazillion bucks. I could go on and on. But it really all boils down to a big ol’ thank you to everyone. One day I’ll pay you all back with big and glorious things.