I was blog jumping today, and I ended up on this really eccentric energy healer woman’s blog. I honestly didn’t read a lot of it because she used big words, and quite frankly, I wasn’t in the mood for a vocabulary lesson. But I managed to read this one about how she went to the grocery store to buy some nuts, and the store had rearranged everything so that the pop-tarts were next to the nuts. Apparently this woman had mad cravings for pop-tarts.
She was explaining how you can tap your temporal lobe (which apparently is above your left and right ear) for like 30-45 seconds and the craving will go away. And that the more intense the craving, more satisifying it is when the craving is removed.
So — in other words, you beat yourself till you’re not hungry any more. Picture me, at HEB, standing in front of the cookies tapping my head with my finger for a minute and a half. People would surely think I was either retarded or autistic and try to medicate me. When — in reality — I could simply walk away from the cookies, and lo and behold — the craving ceases.
It amazes me the crap people do. Just use logic people. You don’t need some energy healing to stop eating Pop-Tarts. Geez.