I left work a little late night because I was working in Breeze with Joz to try to figure out some of the media issues I was having. As I’m walking out to my car, I get a text message from Matt that says “don’t eat.”
The boy was at my apartment making me dinner!! He is so amazing! I walk in, and there are flowers everywhere! (well, not everywhere, but there were a lot of flowers). And he was making me chicken spaghetti — and he brought Connie and Carla and had the best time. And he bought wine (and we all know how I am with a little alochol). I had probably 2.5 glasses which left me buzzin. Oh, look — these are the flowers (I took them with my phone).

And then, after dinner — cherry pie!! I’ve never met anyone like Matt — someone who is so outgoing in a relationship, someone who strives to make me grin till my cheeks hurt. And we just laugh and laugh and laugh. And kiss and kiss and kiss.
We took a break during the movie so he could go to the bathroom, and so i sat down at the piano and started playing some beethoven or something that was sitting on the stand. He came out and sat on the floor next to me and started going through my piano music (which is mostly musicals). He’s downloaded a couple of songs from shows to become more familiar with them — and he pulled the book for Aida and asked me to play some songs — and he just sang along with me. How fabulous is that!?
So yah, I’m giddy. And it’s already Tuesday! So I’ll see him again on Friday!