A lot has been going on in my mind lately it would seem. I went out on Friday nite with a bunch of friends to the typical gay stomping grounds in Houston. We started at Meteor, then to O, then to JRs, then back to O. I had a chance to do a lot of people watching (as we were positioned at a table RIGHT next to a stripper who kept talking to Michael-gurl). And ya know, as the night progressed on, I really became agitated with what I saw. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever been in a room full of so many self-absorbed people, being from them looking to get their mack on, their Prada shoes, perfect tan, snow-white teeth, Diesel jeans … you get my drift.
Why does gay social culture have to be so shallow and materialistic. Now, of course, I’m not talking about everyone — and chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re NOT one of them.
I was discussing my feelings on this topic with a very valuable friend of mine (and wise old man) over IM today and here is how his views went:

Me: i am just very disenchanted with gay culture — in a social sense.
Me: i’m a homosexual, but not really gay.
Him: I with ya mah brutha.
Me: i just don’t know what’s wrong with people.
Me: 🙁
Me: /dishearten
Me: values and sensibilities … seems they just dont exist
Me: i mean if we could take the passion for name brands and fashion that exists in four gay bars and put it towards a social problem — just think where we’d be today?
Him: better yet… what if we all talked about how shallow we are as gay people to the point where everyone was disgusted by our choices and behaviors. That would carry through to stop social problems from forming.
Me: i thought that was what Pride Parades were for.
Me: lol
Him: no. those were to celebrate being diverse and different.
Him: now it’s to show off you new DG belt and Prada shoes.
Me: right
Him: and to mock those people who only shop at the Gap.
Me: aww, i like Gap.
Me: how many people would have to talk out tho to make a change?
Him: a lot.
Me: and is that just of gay people?
Him: and it’s more than just a gay thing.
Me: or people in general
Him: it’s an American thing.
Me: i can see that
Him: we are all shallow.
Him: in many many ways
Him: that we all continue to ignore because we are lazy and have no desire to change our status quo —
Me: i think i’ve realized that lately.
Him: but the problem is so very deep seeded.
Him: I mean you can’t even begin to touch or resolve the problem without looking at yourself. And once you do that… you realize how you are being a hypocrite in so MANY ways.
Him: at that point… where do you stop?
Me: well i think you have to turn your actions
Him: no — but I mean
Me: ie — faith without works is dead
Him: once you start taking a look at yourself and questioning your practices in order to be an example of the kind of person you want to other to be —
Him: where do you stop?
Him: once you are fully clothed in non 3rd world children created clothes eating NO meat NO dairy, making sure to protest big corporations in America, the ensuing corporate globalizaiton and taking time to cry for every person that dies in this world unjustly.
Him: and if you don’t happen to do one appropriately… then you are a hypocrite.
Me: i see what you mean
Him: so where do you stop?
Him: better question:
Him: where do you stop in changing yourself to be a person fit to tell others how they need to change.
Him: without falling short of measuring up to what you are preaching?
Him: slippery slope yo
Him: 😐
Me: so we just don’t do anythign?
Him: I don’t know about that.
Him: lol
Him: I don’t have the answer to that. Anyway you attempt to answer that can be contrued as being either heartless and inhuman or just a psycho liberal.
Him: and anything in between is still a little bit of both.
Him: so it just sucks
Him: I mean.. .
Him: it’s heartless to say “You are only one person and can do so much”
Him: is it not?
Me: its honest.
Him: yeah. and very realistic.
Him: but doesn’t it break your heart to know that is the reality what we live in?
Him: and that someone is dying or starving because of it?
Me: absolutely.
Him: 🙁
Me: but we can’t just sit and do nothing.
Me: i’d rather be a hypocrite doing SOME good than a wishful hypoocrite doing nothing
Him: sadly, it doesn’t stir me enough to give up all of my possessions and lifestyle choices to make a real difference.
Me: right.
Me: i’m not about to quite dairy products.
Me: i’ll have kidney stones galore
Me: meat, i could probably manage.
Him: so I will continue living and working in the same machine that I hate, that provides me with what I call a decent life.
Me: well, i need to give something back.

So anyone got an suggestions on how to make a better tomorrow?