The last two weeks have been crazy busy. Firstly, for those who don’t know — I’m currently going to school for my BSIT through University of Phoenix. I’m 11 or 12 classes into the 20 class program. I just started a new class yesterday in Business SQL. I think I might actually have to do do stuff this time. The rest of the classes have been rediculously easy, but this one looks like I might actually have to pay attention. I know practically nothing about SQL.
I’ve also been revamping the new Genevieve Gallen website. We have a luanch date of Nov 19th, and it’s coming along smoothly. The gallery and store will be totally database driven, while the news section will be maintained with MovableType (of course). It hasn’t been the easiest project in the world, for a number of reasons (which I will not go into here).
I’ve also been talking to my friend David from Good guy. 🙂 We seem to have a lot in common.
Oh, and i completely cleaned my apartment. Finally did all my laundrey, cleaned out my huge walk-in closet and threw about 2 boxes of CRAP away.
Still need to clean the cat box tho. :- Yuk.