PSP has finally struck. Post-Sickness Syndrome. I woke up this morning with the unrefutable desire to clean my apartment. Washed the sheets, broke out the 409, Clorox, and Windex and went to town de-germifying my apartment. Vaccummed, scrubbed the kitchen floor, did more laundry, went through old mail, filed contracts, taxes, old meeting agendas in their appropriate places. (I threw away a Pier 1 bag bigger than Kirstie Ally.) Washed a bunch of dishes that needed re-washing since my dishwasher is the biggest piece of shit known to man.
I started working on a new design for Option9 today … not sure if i like what I’ve come up with yet. It’s very simple … and I’m not sure if *that* type of simple is the look we need to go for. But that’s beside the point.
I opened all the windows because we had a very nice breeze blowing (which I’m sure stirred up more cat hair that what is currently on my cat.)
And now I just need to run to the grocery store and pick up some lovely things to eat and restock my pantry. But I’m not really sure what to get. I don’t much cook just for myself — so I end up just buying snacky foods. But I’ve really been in the mood for lemon cake… Might have to break down and bake.
Friday nite Alex and Lisa came over with some wine and absynthe and we had such a fun time. Mind you, we were all rather buzzed and were laughing our assess off at Steve, Don’t Eat It! Ya know — I’ve only had absynthe twice — but I really like that crap. Nice flavor, and I don’t usually like a strong anise flavor. But that stuff isn’t bad if it’s prepared correctly.
Other than that — I have a muchly needed relaxing weekend. And since I have a small break from school, it’s fantastic timing.