I decided to clean my apartment today — and once I got into it, I decided that it was time for some MAJOR spring cleaning (again). I was moving shit, cleaning under shit, and threw a TON of shit away. Boxes and boxes!
But in the process, I found a “spiritual painting” that was given to me as a gift. Here is what happens: someone calls this lady (her name is Rosie) and tells her your name. That’s it. She contacts her special conscientiousness (or whatever) and she learns all sorts of things abouts you, paints it, and then writes up this big as thing in an altered state that describes you.
It is some freaky shit, yo. I’d seen some of the other paintings she’s done before and mine was considerably different from the others — particularly in the fact that there are TWO people in mine. Whatever is that. So here is my painting, and beneath that, what i tried to transcribe (her altered state has some messed up handwriting).

What I see is you are working with your female part of your self and that is an important statement to be making as she is the part of you that brings forth the lover and the creator. This is also a very important part of balance as the God part of you is Balance of all things and the negative is the imbalance.
You are coming in on the color of bright blue that is the color that stands for pure spirit and almost always spirit healing walks with the color in the soft white blue. I do not see this teal. I do see navy aspect of energy coming forth. In the paintings, forms come out of forms and continue to change even when dry.