I talked to my father this morning about his trip to Idaho to see my ailing grandfather for his 80th birthday. The trip went well overall, no problems with his flights or anything.
Then he told me about my cousin, Renee, who apparently has a new baby. And a new husband. And, ya know — I’ve always been rather hesitant to say my cousin in white-trash. I’d always suspected it, of course, but hesitated to make the declaration. So here’s the story of my cousin.
We grew up together. She’s about 3 or 4 years younger than me. She’s always been sorta the rebel, while i was always … well … gay. She was the type that always had bleach blonde hair in high school, too much eyeliner, constantly getting in fights during school — always playing the tough guy (tho she’s not a lesbian). She moved up to Idaho to get away from “trouble” — but continued to get in trouble, just not as much because there … well … isn’t that much trouble to get into in Idaho unless you want to be a polygamist.
Anyway, time goes on — she meets this guy, gets pregnant. (I don’t know the exact order of all the upcoming events, so bear with me). She has this baby (which everyone gave her a hard time because it was out of wedlock). She started drinking a lot and was having constant problems with her husband. They eventually divorce and she gets custody of the kid (hooray!). Well, she continues to drink, get tattoos, etc, wrecks a car or something. CPS eventually comes and takes the kid away, gives him back to the dad. (hooray!) More drinking, more tattoos. Her mom dies of a heart attack and she inherits like $60,000. It’s gone in like 3 weeks on drinking, a new car, partying, and such.
Last I had heard, she had a trailer and was living on the side of some mountain in Idaho.
Until today when i spoke to my dad — who informed me that she is now married again, with another baby. Apparently the husband is cheating on her with someone, she went out to find them at some bar — found his sister instead, kicked her ass, got thrown in jail. Then the husband came to get her and kicked her ass for kicking his sisters ass and has, apparently, now threatened to kill her or something.
Really interesting. I never would have suspected that Renee would have turned out like that. Of course, I can only imagine that the rest of the family thinks the same about me being gay and sleeping with the entire gay population of Houston, jumping from drug-induced euphoria to drunken stupor, to sinful (yet hot) homosexual orgies. But, just like my story about Renee, they don’t know all the facts. (I so don’t sleep with ANYONE — much less do drugs OR orgies. Geez. If I did, you know I’d write about it here.)
Anyway, so that’s the sordid saga of Renee. White trash nail-tech living in a trailer on the sie of a mountain in Idaho with cigarette in one hand, bottle of beer in the other. Two babies, two ex-husbands (or soon to be).
Makes me wonder if she’s happy.