David and I were talking today about our reseller status with our hosting company, and we went looking at some of our clients.

We have one client, our very first client, who never paid us. It was a MAJOR site. Full database implementation, logo design, and MAJOR site organization. The bill: $4000.
My first mistake: this was Logan’s father we did the work for. We did damn good work too.

My second mistake: Not having a contract with him.

My third mistake: Well, Logan, naturally.

We had originally replaced our work on the host he was using with a “content removed due to failure to make payment” notice. And when we checked it today — it’s gone. And not only that, but the site is redesigned and on another host. I would link the name here — but I don’t want to provide them any more ranking on Google than they have now.

Of course, he didn’t use any of our work (which is a good thing). But it pisses me off to no end that he didn’t pay us. I’m FUMING.

And ya know, that just gets redirected back at Logan — and his family. A bunch of mental whackjobs. Logan was one of the biggest mistakes I’ve ever made.

Emotionally, financially, professionally — and I have destroyed everything he gave me, or I had of him. Which kind’a makes me mad, cuz I’d really like to destroy something else right now.

So if you see Logan — spit on him, kick him, hit him with your car — I really don’t care. Just have fun doing it.