For some reason I am SO tired today. My eyes are all kinds of burning, and I look really . . . worn. I don’t know why — I slept just fine, really. Went to bed about midnight — got up at 6:45, which is plenty of sleep. But alas, I am feel like hell. Maybe it’s Jesus’ revenge for my comment last nite.
Anyway, so I’m currently sitting in the Med Center in Houston at the University of Houston School of Nursing. It’s a really nice building. Very. . . modern loft. Actually, it looks like IKEA threw up all over the place. But I like it. I’m here to help teach the students (10 of em) how to use their PDAs and the nursing software we distributed. They were also supposed to be taking this test to look up information in their textbooks. Of course, no one brought their text books. We’re going to be here forever, I know it.
Brad e-mailed me this morning to tell me that He-Who-Cannot-Be-Named was at Guava last nite with his boyfriend — and that he got up and sang a song. Ya know, he really doesn’t sing very well. And I’m not saying I have the voice of angel, but he REALLY can’t sing. But bless him for trying. (And bless us for having to listen.) So it is very good that I did not go to Guava last nite. I can only imagine what that would have been like. I have to admit I wonder whether he responded to my last e-mail … and maybe these are things I should be thinking — but I do, nonetheless. It’s like one big … uzumaki.
So, Friday, on my day off, Michael-gurl and Patrick helped me rearrange my apartment. It is completely different and my cat loves it. It’s SOOOO open now. I also went through and de-ex-ed my apartment. I threw away EVERYTHING that was ex-related. Teddy bears, poems, pictures, clothes — everything. (Hateful bastard.) Not that I’m bitter. But seriously — it’s just time to move on, to cleanse my apartment of the negativity that has come about become of him (them) (us). And now it’s almost there. My bedroom, sadly, will probably have to be the same. Just too much stuff and not enough options to move it.
Anyway, ramble, ramble, ramble. Maybe I’ll ramble some more in a little bit.