This week has really dragged by. I mean, REALLY dragged by. Of course, i feel like I’ve had a gazillion projects to do. I managed to wash some towels. But unfortunately, I didn’t manage to get those washed towels into the dryer. So i will be washing those towels again. I do that a lot. I’m one lazy SOB.
I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my former life and the people i was friends with. I remember when i was 8, I had this friend named Amit. Amit was kick ass. I have no idea what ethnicity he was, but he was so cool. We used to always make jokes about his name “Hey Amit, don’t vomit on the comit.” (Cuz you know, we were real original in those days.) I remember he LOVED Voltron. We both did. We had the little lions that you could build Voltron with (which I have now learned were painted with LEAD paint. Prolly acounts for my intelligence and love of things that sparkle.) He used to pretend he was Voltron and he’d make these noises (was hilarious now that i think about it.) But Amit was kick ass.
Someone, I ended up getting cat scratch fever in my right jaw joint, and i had to have surgery to drain the pus. Everyone in my class made me cards (which was very nice and all). Amit drew Voltron on his. LOL I remember this so well. I kept that card for a long time — tho I have no idea where it is now.
Anyway, I moved that year and never heard from him again. I don’t know if he knew how cool he was. So Amit, if by chance you should read this, you were a kick ass friend. I bet you’re like some awesome programmer now who plans to conquor the world using PHP, JavaScript, and caffeine.
I had this other friend that same year named Chelee. He was russian or something. Was totally hot. Can I say that about an 8 year old? LOL
I also had a girlfriend in 2nd grade. Her name was Natalie. She had pink Jellies. And she went to my birthday at Showbiz Pizza and i kissed her in the balls. Well. LOL In that ball playpen thing that has all those gross kid germs and pee in it. Not her balls (unless … well, boy wouldn’t that be ironic.) Now that I think about it, she wasn’t that pretty. She had blonde hair and was skinny skinny. Was kind’a a bitch. No wonder I’m gay.
But I loved her shoes.