What a nite. I should be in bed. Most deifnitely. But i was sitting here thinking — there are some very simple words that convey the weirdest images/ideas/thoughts/feelings for me. Like — the word “sad”. Such a small word. Only 3 letters — very basic, primal. “I’m sad” conjures a specific impression. “I’m sad.” Of course, for me — that’s always Jerry Blank (Strangers With Candy) saying it when her father was ripped apart by rabid dogs.
Simple words. Little lines and dots. Letters with attached meaning. And it’s funny, cuz there are words like “I love you” that carry a gazillion different interpretations (familiar, platonic, romantic, etc.) And yet, we still use it because we can’t come up with another way to say it.
And what simple words would I choose to describe myself tonite? Hmmm.
Sad. Disappointed (hmm, that’s not such a simple word, particularly if you’ve been drinking — which I haven’t). Relieved. Sunk. Blind. Frustrated. (Ok, so most of these words are not simple three letter words.)
I do need to say — that even tho this particular relationship is over (like my segue?), it wasn’t a bad relationship at all Ask everyone that knows me. I was very happy. Distance was difficult. Lots of things were difficult, but particularly distance. Of course, I’m not happy that things ended. They ended on a good note, which is always a good thing — but … /shrug. Prolly for the best. As if I didn’t have enough stuff in my head anyway. Not that I’m EVEN going to elaborate on that one.
So, if you would like to send a fruit basket, check, and/or your credit card — just let me know, and I’ll be sure to give you my address or paypal account info.