Ok, so between school and all the articles about the music industry being cry baby bitches over royalties, i have some not-so-sudden realizations about all this dramatic bullshit.

If it weren’t for services like of AllofMP3, (the old) Naptser, Morpheous, and Kazaa, I wouldn’t have found a lot of the music that i love today. AND a lot of the bands that I was introduced to via those forums i have since purchased cds or gone to see in concert. And all my friends know that once I find someone I think is hot shit, I gladly share it with them and spread the joy. Viral marketing, if you will.

On the other hand, I’m GLAD that I downloaded the Gwen Stefani album rather than buying it because it’s absolute crap. To think I could have spent $10-18 on that trash makes me applaud the founders of The Pirate Bay and other P2P groups. (And I can promise you that once I downloaded it, listened to it — or tried to — it was quickly deleted and forgotten.)

I know that I am not the only person out there who is like this, but quite frankly, a lot of American music is awful. I definitely tend to lean more toward the Europe influence or the lesser-known bands that haven’t quite garnered their way to prime commercial success (which is likely a blessing in disguise). And it’s hard to find that sort of stuff without ordering it online. iTunes doesn’t carry it and we’re not allowed to use a European-flavored iTunes (which is 10 shades of retarded).

So, the short of it — record labels need to shut up and do what I tell them to do because quite frankly, they’re getting on my nerves. I’m over their lack of willingness to try something new that could be equally as profitable as was their previous business model (and i mean previous in that it’s obviously dying, and they aren’t making friends with consumers with all their bullshit tantrums).

So all you record label bitches, get over it. Work with us to provide us what we want and earn money doing it, or we’ll go around ya and find another way to get it while you may or (likely) may not profit.

Ok, I’m done ranting.

For now.

I think.