I’ve been watching Dead Like Me (Season 1) on DVD as of late. The show baffles me a little … it’s very … teen drama, but at the same time, there’s something very real and morose. And while half of the characters are over the top, the few who are fleshed out are fantastic. And it’s them that keeps me watching.
The episode I watched last nite was called “Nighthawk.” It was kind’a weird. The reapers had to a self-evaluation. And I sat there thinking — how often do we do our own self-evaluations? We’re so busy looking outward that we never stop to think about taking stock of our own assets.
So let’s do that. A little self-evaluation can never hurt us, right? Just makes us stronger.
1.) Do you let those whom you care about know of your feelings and appreciation?
2.) Do you share with others what they share with you?
3.) How much do you give? How much do you take?
4.) Why have you been put where you are? Is it for your personal gain or to help others or both?
5.) Who are the most important people in your life? Why? What have they contributed to you to gain this status?
6.) Do you value what you do everyday?
7.) Name 10 things you would like to improve in yourself that are not aesthic in nature.
8.) What is the nicest thing someone has said to you? What is the nicest thing you have said to someone?
9.) How much life is in your life?
10.) Do you regret? What things in your life do you regret and why? Would you change those things or do you value the lessons you learned from it?