I’m reading about the Terri Shiavo case (as I do every day now) to follow what is going on. There is one comment here that I think illustrates my feelings on religion as well …

“It saddens me that we have to run to court and get court orders to protect Terri Schiavo from the abuse of the state of Florida,” Felos said Thursday. “The conduct of the executive branch of the state of Florida has been reprehensible.”

Ya know … more than 20 state and federal courts sided with Michael Shiavo. And this person makes this comment saying how the executive branch of Florida is in the wrong … it just goes to show how quickly people will condemn someone for not following their belief structure.
“Oh, you say it’s her right to die? — Well I think you have no place being in a legislative position.” or “Oh, thank you Gov. Bush for helping us save our brain-dead corpse of a daughter. We’re glad you’re in such a position. You can count on our vote next election!”
I wish people will learn to except that their opinions and views are not the Will of God. I understand that these people love their daughter very much, and I’m very sorry that they have to go through this battle, not to mention the experience of losing their daughter. But … what are they clinging on to? And why? And not to make this sound cold-hearted — but what has all this have to cost? I mean the court expenses … the medical costs … the examinations by untold numbers of doctors … I understand that you can’t put a price on a human life … but really. Why?