I haven’t blogged in a while, I know, and this is my first attempt at using the beta version of MovableType 3.2. So hopefully this posts and doesn’t return a database error. (Being that it’s a beta, the documentation was not complete, and was, in fact wrong for doing an upgrade. — But I figured it out.)
I spent most of this weekend with Rocky … the boy I’ve been dating for the past while. We didn’t do anything really eventful — I made dinner Friday nite and we watched part of Waiting for Guffman. Saturday nite we watched Hedwig and the Angry Inch. The rest of the weekend I spent cleaning, doing homework, and working on a design for my blog (maybe i’ll have that done this week … we’ll see. I’m being kind’a crazy with it.)
I got an email from Friendster about Anything Box — they’re having a one nite reunion concert at some club i’ve never heard of in Houston (Club 1415 maybe? I can’t remember). It’s September 2nd. I’m SO going to go! I love them! (For those of you who may not recall them, think “Living in Oblivion” from the late 80s or early 90s.)
So while i was in Friendster, I noticed my friendster list was one short. Anyone want to take a guess at who disappeared …. I’m not going to dwell on this because it rather upset me yesterday when I saw this. But my ex, Matt, took me off his friend list. I know it sounds really 8th grade and all — but I’m angry because he totally completely dismissed me, despite telling both me AND David (on separate occasions) that he would definitely like to stay in touch with me. So why am I upset? Because of the amount of effort I put forth in that relationship. I don’t think I did anything to warrant a complete dismissal. So i thought it was a pretty shitty return-on-investment.
Ok, so enough ranting. He was a chapter. Chapter’s over. (I thought I said enough ranting.)
But now I’m on to bigger, better things (or possibly shorter, better things). And we’ll see what happens. Taking things a day at a time, minimal expectations. Best way to play your hand, i belive.