Alex always provides me with a banquet of exciting knowledge throughout my work day. Today, she explained to me the composition of a sperm and the functionalities of the spermy system.
Did you know that sperm is a regular multi-vitamin with a little bit of pee mixed in for good luck? I can’t certify that these meet FDA Daily Value thing, but if you’re ever starving to death in a car covered in snow, at least you know you won’t starve to death (if you’re guy). So check it out: “the composition of your average wad” (as quoted by Alex):

ascorbic acid (vitamin C, for tissue maintenance)
blood-group antigens (from immune system)
calcium (mineral)
chlorine (oxidizing agent)
cholesterol (steroid alcohol present in body fluids)
choline (base, part of the vitamin B complex)
citric acid (occurs during cellular metabolism)
creatine (nitrogenous substance found in muscle)
deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA)
fructose (sugar used for energy)
glutathione (peptide amino acid)
hyaluronidase (enzyme)
inositol (sugar found in muscles)
lactic acid (byproduct of muscle use)
magnesium (mineral)
nitrogen (gas found in all living tissue)
phosporus (mineral)
potassium (mineral)
purine (compound of uric acid)
pyrimidine (organic base)
pyruvic acid (formed from either glucose or glycogen)
sodium (salt)
sorbitol (body alcohol)
spermidine (catalytic enzyme)
spermine (ammonia compound found in sperm)
urea (from urine)
uric acid (from urine)
vitamin B12 (for proper function of nervous system and metabolism)
zinc (mineral)

I was also told it apparently tastes like dried apricots. And I must say, though all my years of gay affiliation, no one has ever told me it tastes like dried apricots. I’ve heard of it tasting like brie, clorox pudding, and salty yogurt (ugh, i think i just threw up in my mouth a little) — but never dried apricots.
Also — the anatomy lesson filled with parts I didn’t know about:

“Seminal plasma is partially made up of a fructose-rich fluid — produced by the seminal vesicles — which provides nourishment for the sperm cells. The seminal vesicles also make prostaglandins, unsaturated fatty acids used for hormonal actions. The prostate gland produces a thin, milky, alkaline fluid that helps the sperm live when exposed to the acidic lining of the vagina, uterus, and ass. The pea-shaped bulbourethral glands (Cowper’s glands) at the base of the penis produce a fluid we refer to as “pre-cum.” This is secreted to lubricate the urethra (the tube that runs through the penis) so the semen can travel more easily — however, some men do not secrete this fluid in visible quantities.”

So thanks to Alex for the informative tidbit of anatomy. 😉