Won’t you please, won’t you please? Please won’t you be my neighbor?
Well good morning, neighbor. I’ve had some interesting … interations … with my new neighbor next door. His name is Randy — he’s 26 … kind’a cute, taller than I. We’ve met on a number of occasions in passing, have invited each other over twice and we had nice conversation. However …
I think he is flirting with me. I mean, I could be wrong. But the wink, calling me “babe,” — and his response of “I’ll have to remember that,” when I told him, “I’m a cheap date. It doesn’t take much to get me buzzed.” There have been a few other things … but those are the most prominent.
So is he just being neighborly? Am I reading too much? Everytime he sees me he is ALL smiles. He collects candles. Loves stars and moon stuff. Yet … he’s the assistant maintenance man at my complex. Mixed signals, yo. Perhaps time will tell. LOL. Perhaps.