What’s a UBS?
I’ve been teaching an “eCamp” at UTMB to the new Generic BSN (nursing) students. This is a make-up eCamp for the students who missed it the first go-round. It looks like most of them are bored out of their minds. For the ones who aren’t completely glazed over from lack of comprehension, to the one red-headed curly-haired boy who was asleep – to the girl who looks completely put out at having to be here — it hasn’t really been the most “uplifting” eCampe we’ve done. I hope their presentations aren’t complete shit.
This is the last eCamp I’m giving for this school year — and I have to admit that I’m kind’a glad. I’ve given 5 of these things — and I’ve been the bulk presenter for all of them. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy it — I enjoy teaching people about things they need to know, hopefully on terms they understand. But I can only go over basic security so many times before I just want to give them all spyware and tell them to figure out how to get rid of it without formatting their hard drive.
And now I’m absolutely bored and am SO ready to get out of here. Thank god tomorrow is a holiday. It has been the week from HELL. Seriously. Hell from Hell even. So a HUGE thank you to those who have been my crutch.