I decided to just take the chance and email you (hoping for a good response from you) and see if we could actually talk and catch-up like normal adults do without any shady memory bias. But after I got your response I realized that we will probably never be friends like I have wanted to with you.
I think it is really difficult for ex’s to be friends right away after a relationship. Even 6 months after the relationship is over may be too soon for something like that. Particularly if the breakup was messy and sad. Of course, it depends on the two people.
I, however, am not capable of a friendly relationship given strained emotions and residual pain. And if he can’t understand, then … well , it doesn’t matter because we’re not going to be friends anyway.
And as far as “catching up as normal adults do without a shady memory bias …” What the fuck is that? Shady memory bias? Is that like saying “Let’s be friends despite of all the emotional bullshit I’ve put you through.” Oh yah, please, let’s be friends. I do love your maniuplative ways and your lack of tact when discussing painful topics. /smack Stupid ass. Maybe if you’d quit psycho-analyzing everything you might grow a heart.
So, as Yitzok said — “Fuck you, I’m going to Guam.” Analyze that.
And with all that being said, I sent out a very coridal email asking for no more contact. Period. And to ensure there will be no more e-mails from him, I have blacklisted his address on a server level, so I will NEVER receive another email from his address.
“I wash my hands of your demolition …” — Pilate (Jesus Christ Superstar)