Well these strips are awfully small. I can hardly feed a man on those. Why don’t you give me another one.
Woman at KFC, IF you are going to buy the value $1 meal for 2 strips and a biscuit, do not bitch about the size of the strips. And if it is not sufficient for “man” — which are you buyin’ the $1 value meal in the first place!?
I literaly had to bite my tongue to withhold my comments from her. On top of that, she was dressed extremely poorly for someone with such an elitist attitude. Not to mention her hair . . . good lord. They could probably have found a cure for cancer in that nest.
But again, I stress, if you are going to skimp on the flo, don’t bitch at the size. What do you expect for $1? I can’t even buy gas for $1. And you know why they’re $1 . . . cuz it’s the chicken that fell on the floor that they need to get rid of. “Special seasoning” my ass. It’s dirt and pubes.
So tacky woman at KFC, I hope your chicken strips were sufficient for your “man.” And that the $2 you saved from buying the normal meal is going to help put your tacky child through college, or to pay for some surgery for your paralyzed sister.