Is that all love is to you — a chemical reaction?
I wonder how much of who we are is really a physical manifistation of chemical reactions. Obviously chemistry is a huge part of our emotional makeup, but I wonder how much “the heart” and the firing of a few neurons are the same.
Attraction stems from smells, pheromones — it’s really obvious with animals — monkeys and such — but perhaps not so much with people. And there’s there the whole dopamine thing that makes us feel good . . .
But love — I don’t know. It’s an attachment. And when you have it, life is a total uphill ride. And when it leaves — there is a withdrawl (dopamine) and life is just one sad bowl of shit.
But does justifying love as a few chemical reactions take the man out of the machine? Does it dehumanize me? Or does it give me an upperhand in my search for another fix?
And if that’s the case — pheromones, interactions, spark here, spark there — we’re really like Legos. And as adolescent as it sounds — does your Lego peg fill my Lego hole? Is it a matter of finding a certain chemical makeup that keeps that dopamine aflow and makes that attachment become something stronger? And how unique are these patterns? Does being blonde hair, blue eyes, ripped, and godly make your pheromone chemical pattern more common?
I don’t understand attraction. What makes me attracted to one person more than another. And how does attraction turn to love — and love to committment — and committment to attachment. And what the hell is love at first sight?