Gee, Michael … why are you so pissed off today?
I love my job here at UTMB. Especially now that I’m going to be getting a raise in October. And when they started this KRONOS time-keeping bullshit where we have to clock-in/clock-out every day, I thought “oh, having a raise will make that a little more bearable.”
So we’ve used it for two weeks now. First week was fine. We’d sometimes forget to clock in or clock out — but they were expecting that.
There’s one little problem with this thing. We basically have a 14 minute window (7-minutes before and after our time) — and if you are off even 1 minute, it will catapult you to the next 15 minute iterval. And if you work more than 40 hours a week (say … 40 hours and 15 minutes), they hate you and call you names and write you up with bad things.
As happened to me this morning. My time keeper comes in and says “People aren’t happy with you, Michael.” I was like “why?” “You were 15 minutes over on your time and they have to pay you time and a half for that time.”
Oh heaven forbid you pay me a whole fucking extra $.30 on my paycheck. Jesus. It’s not like I went over 8 hours. I’m FURIOUS that they have to be so nasty over something like this, when I’ve been protesting the whole time saying “If you just change my title to something other than Computer Programmer 1 I won’t have to clock-in/clock-out anymore.” See, there are only about 7 people here in the entire school who are “non-exempt” — as determinded by their title — declared by the State. But no, that’s “too much of a hastle.”
Well hastle-this, time nazi’s. You’re all a bunch of asshats anyway — with huge asses.