I can’t believe the weekend is gone and over already. Seems like it is never long enough anymore. I spent my weekend mostly with Rachel, really. We saw Shaun of the Dead and A Dirty Shame on Saturday. Then I had dinner with her and some old high school friends on Sunday nite at her place.
By the way, everyone needs to see A Dirty Shame. It’s absolutely hysterical. That is all I will say about it because I really don’t want to give anything away. It’s fantastic though.
The rest of the weekend I spent finishing up Countywidelawn.com — the most recent addition to Option9. Other than that — spent my time playing the new Myst game. It’s HARD. I only completed 4 puzzles this weekend. How I LOVE puzzle games … but these are really hard. And I really hate games where it involves things you don’t know — like, I don’t know how to play Chess. So don’t give me games where I have to play Chess. We’re not all intellectuals here.
Otherwise, I did some searching for some fun videogame mp3s — and guess what I found …
The Zelda Medley — The Harmony Symphony