Ok, so i’m work, eating lunch in my cube and reading over the latest B3TA news letter. If you don’t know B3TA, you don’t know life. It is usually filled with very juvenile and crass things.
And what I came across today does now stray from their norm. The previous link I posted here (that i warned people about) was from there. And now, I give you yet another link which you probably should not read. But I read it. And I laughed for at least 10 minutes out loud in my office.

It’s about ass sex. But more-so — it’s about a straight guy who decided he wanted to try ass sex with his girl — of course, being the top, not the bottom. She was very hesitant and wanted him to do all this romantic shit for her if she agreed.

The story unfolds from there. And it is HILARIOUS. DISGUSTING, but HILARIOUS. Gotta love naive people.

Unfortunately, the link has since been deleted.  Probably for the good of all humanity.