Once upon a time, Prince Adam embarked on a grand adventure to visit his distant friend, Father Michael. The two friends had not met face to face in many years. Father Michael was a religious man, to be sure, and guided his flock of devoted followers in the ways of Lehi and the Grand Nagus.
Prince Adam assigned his best slaves to the task of assembling a caravan for the journey. Foods and trinkets from his native land in the Sonoran Desert were stocked, camels were prepared for the long journey, and a small harem of barely legal boys- a gift for Father Michael.
The trek began in the waning days of winter. The blowing desert wind carried a chill and left many of the entourage longing for chapstick and hot cocoa, but they pushed through the difficulty and eventually emerged into the Valley of the Shadow of Death, where Father Michael lived.
Descending through the thickly forested mountainside, Prince Adam halted the caravan at the sight of a grove of coconuts. One particular coconut tree looked almost as though it were beckoning to him, and on that very tree, one particular coconut looked especially beautiful. Prince Adam’s best tree-climbing slave climbed the tree and fetched the coconut, after which they continued into the city below.
Father Michael heard a rap at the door. Ashamed of his nudity, he quickly covered himself in his priestly robes and shouted, “Just a moment!” He pulled at the heavy brass door handle and nearly fell back when he saw the smirking face of Prince Adam waiting there to greet him.
Prince Adam clapped and said, “Michael! It is so good to see you!” They exchanged gang signs appropriate to the Valley of the Shadow of Death and embraced. “I come bearings gifts of the bounty of the Sonoran lands and ask for nothing but your company in return.” Father Michael welcomed the prince into his home and the two sat and spoke for hours, sharing stories and playing innumerable games of rock, paper, scissors.
At last Father Michael became impatient and steered the conversation back to the gifts of which the prince had spoken. “Oh, yes yes!” Adam replied, and snapped his fingers at his best gift-fetching slave. Moments later he returned with the coconut, which still seemed to shimmer in the light.
“The first of my many gifts,” Adam began, “is not from my land, but rather from yours. Its beauty was so overwhelming that I could not resist bringing it for you to enjoy.” Father Michael gasped and said, “Prince! You have been fortunate enough to discover a very rare Enchanted Coconut!”
Raising an eyebrow quizzically, Prince Adam took the Enchanted Coconut in his hands. “Truly? Tell me more.”
Father Michael took the Enchanted Coconut and walked to the kitchen. “Let me show you, instead.” He removed a RonCo Coconut Cracker