I guess it should say something about my life that the only thing i have to blog about is the bathroom at work. You may recall my post about the person wanking in the urinal. Well, I’m starting to wonder if it was someone who reads this, because after i posted that, it stopped.
However, I’m still amazed at peoples’ potty habits at work. I mean, someone goes into a stall to shit, and they leave toilet paper all over the floor. I mean, leaving an empty toilet paper roll on the thing is one thing, but leaving sheets of tp on the floor … that’s certainly another. I mean, shit. At least put it in the toilet and flush.
Secondly — what is it with the people who just shed pubes at the urinal. I feel like I’m peeing on someone’s lawn. That’s gross. If you lose THAT much hair, you either need to trim or see a doctor about hair loss.
Thirdly, why do people pick their nose when they pee and wipe it on the wall? And more importantly, when the janitor people come in to clean the urinal, why don’t they clean the walls!? Gross. Men can be so gross. Do women do that when they sit in the stall? Just pick their nose and wipe it on whatever is handy? I mean, at least women have toilet paper near by.
Fourthly, I think it’s funny how my mind jumps to conclusions when i see weird things in the urinal. Like, someone could spit a multi-colored loogie in the toilet and not flush, and i’ll just assume it’s some penial discharge because of gonhorrea or something. Always assume the worst, ya know?
Anyway. That’s how my life has been the last week: perusing the public bathrooms at work for topics on which to blog.