I was having a discussino today with Davy about a variety of stuff, which seemed to disolve (much like my discussion with Rachel) to talk about poop. I know it’s extremely juvenile, but for some reason, poop is funny. Brad doesn’t think so, but sometimes I just can’t help but laugh. Davy told me there must be some Freudian meaning behind my laughing at poop. Perhaps there is. I blame a lot of it on David. He messages me everyday with “POOP!”
And then I started thinking about how our society works. Like, take Paris Hilton for example. She makes this really bad amateur porn tape of her blowing some guy and everyone gets in a tizzy. And yet, she’s shot to fame in all her skanky-ass glory. But it makes you wonder. What if that video had been really disgusting. Like Paris taking part in scat or something yuk. What would the nation think then? Do you think that would have made the nightly news? Why the double standard, Mr. Media? I think Paris Hiton eating shit is equally as newsworthy as her parading her rather anti-climactic breasts and smokin’ rod.
Sometimes I just don’t understand the media.