I dreamt weird dreams again last nite. Both of these dreams involved my friend Karyn (whom I haven’t seen in … oh … 2 years or so.) Odd that I dream about her randomly like this.
Anyway. In my dream, Karyn was getting married. She was living in New York, and had several roommates (of whom I was also friends). I also knew her fiance — although, there was some sort of tension between us — could have been jealousy, not real sure. Anyway. The first part of the dream is us all watching a movie on this tiny black and white television they have in their living room. I was really into it, apparently, and Karyn’s fiance comes home with a gift for her. It was a Nintendo Gamecube. However, it was completely disassembled. I, being the mechanical genius that I am, volunteered to put the damn thing together. So I put the guts together, and someone put the case together and put it in the fireplace (and there as a fire buring). I was way frustrated because we couldn’t find all the pieces to put the cover on (they prolly melted or something).
Anyway — switch from that to me making the invitations for the wedding reception. They ended up fantastic (of course), and then it fast forwards to the actual reception. I have never seen SO MUCH FOOD in all my life. It was table after table after table of desserts, cakes, pies, and boxes and boxes full of petite fours. Champagne everywhere, there was also some pretty foul looking meat (which I didn’t touch) — but I had myself two big ol’ pieces of apple pie and blackberry pie. And of course, i had some pink and green (that weird green color like in my last dream) petite fours that were white cake and cream cheese icing.
Then, there was all this mad running around. Everyone was running from something, and I ducked into this room, and there was this dead woman lying on the bed — she’d been murdered (apparently just a few moments before) The wallpaper was red and and gold paisley, something that was pretty old and faded. There were no windows in the room, and the light was supplied by the old gas lamps on the walls. It felt very murkey in there, and I was afraid someone would come in and find me with this dead woman, so I hid in the closet — which, of course, was filled with nooses, hanging on like hangers. I was totally freaked out. Someone jostled the door knob and there was shouting. I ducked into the closet and slid the door shut, and someone grabbed my arm. It was this midget in this red hat and he just put his finger to my lips to keep me from screaming.
And then i woke up.
Now, why the fuck do I have weird dreams like that. Huh??? This is no Twin Peaks. I don’t need red rooms and midgets in my rooms.