As I mentioned earlier, I have been in a rather different frame of mind lately. Patience may be a virtue, but I don’t have a lot of it, it seems — at least not for the past week. I’ve been very shorty and pissy, but not for any main reason. Actually, I think I’ll just do some venting about some things on my mind.
1. Someone needs to inform baby Jesus that summer is over and 94 degree temperatures are not acceptable for this time of year. I do not live in Guam. I want Autumn, with leaves, and brisk winds. Not 98% humidity and blanketing fog.
2. IF you are offered a job at UTMB doing the same thing I do (same position title) do not bitch about what an insult it is at the pay they offered you, and proceed to explain that “sure I can understand giving that to someone who’s 25, but giving it to someone in their 50s in disgusting.” Bitch, I can design circles around you — and you had the gall to say in your interview — which we all heard, by the way, — that you are 80% proficient in Flash when you couldn’t even convert a damn PowerPoint presentation to Flash WHEN IT DOES IT FOR YOU!? Stupid bitch. You should stay as a temp. Maybe if you quit smoking and drinking a 12-pack of Mountain Dew a day, quit with the two ice cream runs and non-stop eating through out the day, you could afford the pay they offered.
3. Whatever happened to Information Society? Everyone else is making a comeback, why aren’t they. I mean, if I have to drudge through Duran Duran’s comeback, at least throw in someone cool. Information Society was awesome and cutting edge back in 198…yah. in the 80s. I bet they could create some great shit now.
4. Why do I still have dreams that make me wince? You ever wish you had just NEVER met someone? I do. I do right now, as a matter of fact.
5. Why can’t the world be a happy and loving place full of joy and glee? But no, we have to have people who say biting things and upset us and make us do things that are just sad to jesus. People just aren’t what they once used to be.